Principal: PANASIA CO., LTD

Address: 1559-3, Songjung-dong, Kangseo-ku, Busan, Korea

Phone: +82 (0)51 831 1010

Fax: +82 (0)51 831 1399

PANASIA CO.,LTD. Has developed a modular ballast water management system that operates in-line during the uptake of the ballast water. It is suitable for both, retro-fitted installations and installations on new builds. During 2005, 2006 & 2007 many experimental studies were conducted, on the PANASIA's GloEn-PatrolTM Ballast Water Management System,to evaluate the biological efficacy on both natural planktonic seawater communities and laboratory the sediment load of the ballast water and also removes some of the microorqanisms. The system is fully automatic regarding operation of filter operation and cleaning system for the filter and can be adapted for different system requirements(different vessel types). The UV unit employs high-intensity, medium-pressure ultra violet(MPUV) lamps to destroy living microorganisms present in the liquid being treated.

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